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Firm Hand’s award-winning models and high production values make it the leading spanking site with three major video and photo updates every week.

We’re the only site to shoot both in the USA and England, with more exclusive models, more locations, more spanking, strapping, paddling and caning than any other site.

Gorgeous English-speaking girls, firm punishments from experienced administrators and realistic scenarios are Firm Hand hallmarks.

Each professionally edited drama video is shot in HD with accompanying high-resolution stills. Many models receive their first-ever spanking here – and you can witness them now!

Genres: BDSM, Spanking, Fetish, Canin

Cast: Alison Millers, Belinda Lawson, Kaylee Robinson, Lucy Lauren

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16 Strokes Of The Cane Will Get Kaylee Robinson To Shape Up – Or Will It.mp4
A Bare Bottom Meets A Leather Strap – Lucys Naughty Schoolgirl Fantasy Is Fulfilled.mp4
A Ping Pong Bat, A Bare Bottom And A Lesson Learned For Young Doctor Lucy.mp4
A Second Six With A Wooden Paddle, Panties Pulled Down, For Bratty Lola Sanders.mp4
A Sound Bare Bottom Spanking Sets The Tone For Dr Lucy Laurens New Job.mp4
A Tearful Lucy Lauren Is Caned Totally Naked In This Stunning Series Finale.mp4
A Yard-Stick Has Kaylee Robinson Hollering As Her Bare Bottom Gets A Whooping.mp4
Accused Of Fraud, Pretty Helen Stephens Submits To A Bare Spanking From Her Boss.mp4
Alison Miller Meets Her Plastic Nemesis – A Lexan Paddle. I Hated It.mp4
Alison Miller Takes The Wooden Paddle. First Time In Two Years, Ouchie.mp4
All-New Series With Belinda Lawson As The Leather Princess.mp4
Amelia Rutherfords Stunning Finale At The Facility, Paddle, Cane And Wooden Spoon.mp4
Bare Bottom Hairbrush And Hand Spanking For Belinda, Over Earl Greys Knee.mp4
Bare Bottom Over The Knee Spanking For Lola Sanders After Drinking Whisky.mp4
Bare Bottom Paddled Red For Not Doing Her Chores, Lola Learns The Hard Way.mp4
Bare Bottom Slippered To The Limit, Bottom Bare – Lucy Lauren Learns Not To Lie.mp4
Bare Bottom Spanking With A Yard Stick For Hot Doctor Lucy Lauren.mp4
Bare Bottom Strapping For Pretty Brat Lola Sanders Has Her Yelling.mp4
Bare Bottom Strapping For Sassy Kaylee Robinson, But Will She Pay Her Bills.mp4
Belinda Lawson Discovers That A Riding Crop Is Very Effective On A Bare Bottom.mp4
Belinda Lawson Faces A Final Punishment At An Exclusive Spa A Caning.mp4
Belinda Lawsons Perfectly Proportioned Bubble Butt Bared For A Spanking.mp4
Belindas Bouncing Buns Turned Crimson With A Spanking In Her All-New Series.mp4
Bent Over A Desk, Zoe Page Suffers A Humiliating Bare Bottom Spanking.mp4
Bent Over, Hands On The Wall, Alison Learns To Stay Off Social Media In The Office.mp4
Blonde Lucy Lauren Strapped Nude, Spectacularly Spread-Eagled On A Frame.mp4
Bottom Bare, Bratty Kaylee Robinson Is Scared About 13 Strokes Of The Cane.mp4
Bratty Kaylee Robinson Is Angling For A Spanking In Room-Mate From Hell.mp4
Bullying At School Costs Brat Lola Sanders A Sound Bare Bottom Paddling.mp4
Caned In A Skin-Tight Leather Skirt And Bare Bottom – Helen Feels The Burn.mp4
Caned In Naval Uniform – Lucy Lauren Bends Over For A Taste Of The Rod.mp4
Cant Pay Your Bills, Thats An Ass-Whooping For Kaylee Robinson.mp4
Classic Bare-Bottomed Over-The-Knee Spanking For Kaylee Robinson.mp4
Classic Booty Bouncing Bare-Cheeked Spanking Over The Knee For Belinda Lawson.mp4
Coming Back From Lunch Smelling Of Alcohol Earns Alison A Bare Caning.mp4
Completely Naked, Helen And Belinda Are Punished With A Yard-Stick For Fraud.mp4
Creamy White Buttocks Soundly Spanked With A Yardstick, Zoe Pays.mp4
Damaging Alisons Car Costs Kaylee A Well-Deserved Bare-Bottomed Caning.mp4
Exciting New Series With Stunning Schoolgirl Lucy Lauren.mp4
First The Riding Crop, Now A Leather Strap, Belinda Lawson Wont Fake Invoices.mp4
Hairbrush And Hand Spanking For Kaylee Robinson Over Alison Millers Knee.mp4
Have You Ever Seen Such A Jiggly Bare Bottom Being Spanked Hard And Fast.mp4
Helen Stephens Pays With A Spanking For Losing Important American Clients.mp4
Helen Stephens Takes A Bare Hairbrush And Hand Spanking Over The Knee.mp4
Hot New Model Kaylee Robinson Soundly Spanked By Her Roomie Alison.mp4
Hot Spanking, Whipping And Paddling Finale For Roomie Brat Kaylee Robinson.mp4
Humiliating Bare Bottom Spanking For Top Spa Therapist Helen Stephens.mp4
I Really Want You To Spank Me, Kaylee Robinson Tells Alison – And She Does.mp4
Kaylee Discovers That Attitude And Laziness Can Be Adjusted With A Spanking.mp4
Kaylee Robinsons Bubble Butt Endures A Spanking With A Leather Paddle.mp4
Kylee Robinson Discovers Shes Into Spanking, And So Is Roomie Alison Miller.mp4
Late For Work, Thats A Well Deserved Spanking For Alison Miller.mp4
Late With Rent, Thats A Bare-Ass Paddling For Kaylee Robinson.mp4
Legs High Over Her Head, Kaylee Robinsons Bare Bottom Is Strapped For Theft.mp4
Legs In The Air, Bottom Bare, Kaylee Robinson Is Soundly Spanked.mp4
Lesbian Lovers, Blackmail And Spanking. Could Be A Heavenly Mix.mp4
Lola Sanders Discovers That New Rules Mean Bare Bottom Spankings.mp4
Losing A Major Contract For Her Hotel, Belinda Lawsons Bottom Pays The Price.mp4
Losing Her Job After Only A Few Days Costs Kaylee Robinson A Bare-Ass Strapping.mp4
Lucy Is Spanked And Whipped Across Her Perfect Bare Bottom.mp4
Lucy Lauren In Private School Uniform Lives Out Her Fantasy With A Spanking.mp4
Lucy Lauren In Skin-Tight Cream Jodhpurs Presents A Perfect Spanking Target.mp4
Lucy Lauren Just Had The Leather Paddle, Now She Feels The Burn Of Wood.mp4
Lucy Lauren Punishes A Corrupt Corrections Officer With A Yard-Stick.mp4
Lucy Lauren Stripped Naked And Whipped With A Riding Crop.mp4
Lucys Bedside Manner Earns A Bare Bottom Spanking With A Ping Pong Paddle.mp4
Lucys Fantasy Spankings Take A Military Turn With A Yard-Stick Spanking.mp4
Lucys Revenge Turns Up The Heat With A 12 Stroke Nude Caning For Zoe Page.mp4
Lying Bare-Bottomed Over Lucys Knee, Zoe Page Is Soundly Spanked.mp4
Lying Flat On A Table, Bratty Beauty Lola Sanders Is Soundly Paddled For Vandalism.mp4
Naked Paddling With A Run-Up For Zoe Page – The Ultimate Humiliation.mp4
Naval Officer Lucy Lauren Tries Out Corporal Punishment To Use On Her Cadets.mp4
No Choice For Helen Stephens – Its A Hairbrush Spanking For Fraud.mp4
Nude Finale Caning For Hot Doctor Lucy Lauren On The Punishment Frame.mp4
Nude Paddling For Stunning Lucy Lauren, Standing At The Punishment Frame.mp4
Nude Paddling, Standing At The Punishment Frame – Lucy Lauren Pays For Lying.mp4
Nude Strapping Finale For Sassy Senior Lola Sanders, Stripped From School Uniform.mp4
Nude Strapping Has Prison Officer Zoe Page Red-Assed And Jumping.mp4
Over-The-Knee Spanking For Stunning Doctor, Lucy Lauren.mp4
Panties Pulled Down To Bare Her Magnificent Rear, Belinda Lawson Is Caned.mp4
Panties Pulled Down, Lucy Lauren Is Spanked Long And Hard In School Uniform.mp4
Pretty Helen Stephens Dances From A Riding Crop And Strap On Her Bare Ass.mp4
Prison Officers Bare Ass Paddled As Revenge – Red Hot Punishment Scene.mp4
Ruining Alisons Favorite Sweater Costs Kaylee A Spanking To Remember.mp4
Sassy, Provocative And Wicked, Kaylee Robinson Pushes Her Luck With A Hairbrush.mp4
School Uniform Over-The-Knee Spanking For Pretty Brat Lola Sanders.mp4
Series Finale Caning For Alison Miller Has Her Jumping And Twisting.mp4
Simple Choice – Lose Your Job Or Have Your Ass Spanked With A Wooden Hairbrush.mp4
Slippered, Spanked And Stripped In The Garden – Lucy Lauren Pays The Price.mp4
Spanked And Paddled For Ruining A Sweater – Kaylee Robinson Pays The Price.mp4
Spanked And Paddled, Alison Miller Bared For A Sound Spanking From Her Boss.mp4
Spanked To The Max In School Uniform, Panties Pulled Down, Lucys Classic Otk.mp4
Spanked Without Cause, Belinda Lawsons Jiggling Bare Behind Soundly Leathered.mp4
Spectacular Spanking Action With Zoe Pages Bottom Warmed Up By Lucy Lauren.mp4
Spreadeagled Nude Over A Punishment Frame, Lucy Lauren Is Soundly Strapped.mp4
Staying Out All Night Costs Pretty Brat Lola Sanders A Bare-Assed Strapping.mp4
Strapped To The Max, Bottom Bare, For Staying Out All Night – Lola Gets A Leathering.mp4
Strapped To The Max, Lucy Laurens Schoolgirl Fantasy Brought To Life.mp4
Stretched Naked Over A Punishment Frame, Hot Doctor Lucy Is Soundly Paddled.mp4
Stripped Naked And Flogged On The Punishment Frame – Lucy Lauren Tastes The Lash.mp4
Stripped Naked And Paddled, Hottie Doctor Lucy Lauren Volunteers For A Spanking.mp4
Stripped Naked, Belindas Big, Bouncy Booty Is Smacked With A Yard Stick.mp4
Stripped Naked, Blonde Hottie Lucy Lauren Is Spreadeagled And Whipped.mp4
Stripped Naked, Prison Officer Zoe Page Is Strapped As Revenge.mp4
Stripped Naked, Tied Up And Paddled – Zoe Page Gets Tough Justice.mp4
Stripped Nude For Discipline, Hot Lucy Lauren Discovers That Crossing Zoe Is Painful.mp4
Stripping Off Her School Uniform For A Shower, Lola Is Strapped Totally Nude.mp4
Stunningly Topless And Bare Bottomed, Belinda Feels The Burn Of A Leather Tawse.mp4
Tables Turned On Zoe Page As Lucy Lauren Gets To Spank Her Bare Bottom.mp4
The Dreaded Plexiglass Paddle Warms Up Kaylee Robinsons Bare Bottom.mp4
The Humiliation, Prison Officer Zoe Put Over An Inmates Knee To Be Spanked.mp4
The Loud Smack Of A Wooden Paddle On A Pert Bottom In The Principals Office.mp4
The Stinging Smack Of A Wooden Paddle On Zoes Bare Bottom, Lucys Revenge.mp4
Touching Her Toes Totally Naked, Zoe Page Grits Her Teeth For 13 With A Cane.mp4
Two Totally Nude Beauties Are Soundly Spanked, Helen Horsed For Punishment.mp4
Untidiness Must Be Punished, But Will A Bare Ass Strapping Change Kaylee.mp4
Were Thrilled That Alison Miller Is Back, Having Her Magnificent Bottom Spanked.mp4
Who Has Been Falsifying The Accounts, Belinda Lawsons Bottom Soundly Spanked.mp4
Will A Fairy Godmother Wand Across Her Bottom Cure Kaylee Robinsons Honesty.mp4
Will A Riding Whip Across Her Bare Bottom Teach Kaylee To Follow House Rules.mp4
Will Alison Miller Submit To A Paddling, And Where Did Her Boss Get That Board.mp4
Will Amelia Rutherford Submit To The Will Of Her New Companion.mp4
Wow, Totally Nude 12-Stroke Caning For Beautiful Blonde Lucy Lauren.mp4

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