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For some girls the only way they’ll learn is if they get a spanking when they do wrong. Although, I really hope these chicks never learn so that “momma” has to keep spanking them!
Often the “momma” on Momma Spankings is Dana Specht, an older lady with white hair who might seem like a sweet woman, but she doesn’t hold back when it comes to dolling out the punishment to the younger babes in these scenes, usually Sarah Gregory (the two have what is referred to as a “‘scene relationship’ as mother/daughter”). You’ll also see some guest performers.
Whether the girl has come home late, been texting while driving, or hasn’t cleaned her room, the punishment is always a spanking that starts with hand-on-ass, but often moves on to some rather painful-looking leather straps and paddles that all work together to redden the chick’s white ass. In the scenes I watched they all ended with some time spent soothing the girl after her spanking ordeal with calm words, holding and even soothing cream.
The videos are all split up into parts, as well as offering full-length files. It looks like the parts are added first, every couple days, but sometimes the parts are added from different scenes before all the parts from one scene are added. This means you can be following a few different stories at the same time.
Thankfully, navigating the collection is simple with the “episodes” section that bunches all the clips of a scene under one thumbnail. The only issue is that a few of the scenes don’t have videos and you don’t know that until you click into the page. However, the “movies” section has all the clips and full-length videos to browse

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A Christmas Spanking Story Clip01.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip02.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip03.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip04.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip05.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip06.mp4
A Christmas Spanking Story Clip07.mp4
Adrianas Attitude Adjustment.mp4
All Her Fault Full.mp4
Ally Spanked Diapered Oop.mp4
An Old Fashioned Spanking Full.mp4
Anne Red Bottoms Full.mp4
Attitude Adjustment Full.mp4
Ava The Brat Ddgh.mp4
Bathbrush For Stevie.mp4
Bikini Bottom Blistering Clip01.mp4
Bikini Bottom Blistering Clip02.mp4
Bikini Bottom Blistering Clip03.mp4
Bikini To The Bare Full.mp4
Bonus Promo Clip.mp4
Butt On Fire Full.mp4
Caught By Momma.mp4
Caught In The Act Full.mp4
Cheating Chastised Spanked Pse.mp4
Cheer Lies Full.mp4
Cry And Punishment Full.mp4
Cure For A Hangover Ddss.mp4
Daddy Spanks For Momma Full.mp4
Dana Specht – Whitney And Leilani – Out Past Curfew.mp4
Daytime Spanking Bedtime Spanking Full.mp4
Detention Discipline Remastered.mp4
Discipline Therapy Session.mp4
Disobedient Daughter.mp4
Dont Make Me Get The Hairbrush Clip01.mp4
Dont Make Me Get The Hairbrush Clip02.mp4
Dont Make Me Get The Hairbrush Clip03.mp4
Grin And Bare It.mp4
I Dont Want To Go To School Full.mp4
Iits My Partydfg.mp4
Inappropriate Viewing Full.mp4
Kitchen Bottom Burning.mp4
Lesbian Lovers Spanked Full.mp4
Liar Liar Panties On Fire.mp4
Lilys Dropseat Spanking Full.mp4
Little Alices Punishment.mp4
Little Kajiras Spanking.mp4
Little Misbehaving Alice.mp4
Little Saras Spanking Full.mp4
Loving Discipline Full.mp4
Lying Daughter Remastered Full.mp4
Mean Girls Get Spanked Clip01.mp4
Mean Girls Get Spanked Clip02.mp4
Mean Girls Get Spanked Clip03.mp4
Melodys Serious Punishment.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip01.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip02.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip03.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip04.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip05.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip06.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip07.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip08.mp4
Misbehaving Sisters Clip09.mp4
Miss Kanes School Manners Full 1920.mp4
Momma Clare Vvc.mp4
Momma Spanks Goodnight Full.mp4
Mommas Sound Advice Full.mp4
Mommy Spanked School Girl Full.mp4
Mommy Spanks Aysel.mp4
Mommy Spanks Isobel Ddd.mp4
Mommy Spanks Luna.mp4
Mommy Spanks Rachelf.mp4
Mommy Spanks Syrena Llls.mp4
Mommys Hairbrush For Harley.mp4
Mommys Little Thief.mp4
Mommys Lying Cheerleader Clip01.mp4
Mommys Lying Cheerleader Clip02.mp4
Mommys Lying Cheerleader Clip03.mp4
Mommys Lying Cheerleader Clip04.mp4
Moms Painful Lesson.mp4
Mother Spanks Full.mp4
My Bratty Daughter B65.mp4
Naughty Aysel.mp4
Naughty Little Girl Clip01.mp4
Naughty Little Girl Clip02.mp4
Naughty Little Siblings Full.mp4
Naughty Sorry And Spanked Full.mp4
Naughty Violet.mp4
No Daughter Of Mine Part1.mp4
No Daughter Of Mine Part2.mp4
Not Home Alone.mp4
Over Mommas Knee.mp4
Pajama Party Punishment Full.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip01.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip02.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip03.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip04.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip05.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip06.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip07.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip08.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip09.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip10.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip11.mp4
Panty Punishment Clip12.mp4
Prank Punishment.mp4
Prom Night Punishment.mp4
Punished Again Poor Sarah Full.mp4
Punished For Cheating Clip01.mp4
Punished For Cheating Clip02.mp4
Punishment For Angel.mp4
Rosies Bedtime Punishment.mp4
Sarah Gregorys Day Off Full.mp4
Sarah Real Punishment Full.mp4
Sarah Summer Spunk.mp4
Sarahs Strict Mommy Full.mp4
Sassy Stevie Spanked.mp4
Scolded And Spanked.mp4
Sexy Daughter Spanked Diapered 1280.mp4
Sister Panks For Momma Clip01.mp4
Sister Panks For Momma Clip02.mp4
Sister Panks For Momma Clip03.mp4
Sister Trouble.mp4
Sisterly Love Ppp.mp4
Sisters Shameful Spanking Ggd.mp4
Slacking Daughter.mp4
Sore Sister Gfds.mp4
Spanked After School Full.mp4
Spanked At School Spanked At Home Full.mp4
Spanked Before School Lld.mp4
Spanked By Mommy And Daddy.mp4
Spanked Sober Full.mp4
Spanksgiving Full.mp4
Spring Break Spankings Full.mp4
Step Daughter Spanked.mp4
Step Mommy Dearest.mp4
Stepmothers Discipline Wfh.mp4
Stevie Spanked By Mom.mp4
Stress Relief Spanking.mp4
Swimsuit Spankings Full.mp4
Teacher Learns A Lesson Full.mp4
The Bad Babysitter Clip01.mp4
The Bad Babysitter Clip02.mp4
The Bad Babysitter Clip03.mp4
The Bad Babysitter Clip04.mp4
The Bad Babysitter Clip05.mp4
The Bad Little Girl Full.mp4
The Disappointing Daughter Full.mp4
The Naughty Stepdaughter Ddg.mp4
The Spanking Party Weekend Full.mp4
The Spoiled Brat Full.mp4
Two Little Brats Out On The Town Full.mp4
What A Brat Deserves.mp4
Where Are Your Panties Girls Full.mp4
You Must Spank Your Daughter.mp4
Zooey Harley Momma.mp4