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123 Spanking And Caning Keep2Share Adult Clips

Nothing leaves a welt on an ass like a flexible yet stern rattan rod. If they had known what was coming, maybe these Caned Schoolgirls would have thought twice about misbehaving. But since they didn’t, you can enjoy watching these beauties wince and yelp as the discipline is rendered on their tender and supple tushies.

CanedSchoolgirls is not the prettiest site to look at, but navigation is fairly easy to grasp. If you find a few favorite bad girls or disciplinarians, you can use the model database to easily locate all of their scenes. There isn’t any biographical info, but it’s a handy way to filter the collection.

The 123 movies can be downloaded and streamed in good-quality Windows Media files and that’s the only way you can enjoy these rump-smacking sessions because there are no other formats. Most of the scenes have been posted in a series of clips, but there are also some full-length files.

In addition to the caning, you will see over-the-knee spanking, open-hand smacking, belts and other tools used to dole out the discipline. The striking sound can be quite piercing and Mr. Henderson in particular has a heavy hand with the belt. It sometimes takes the tushy a few seconds to unclench after being hit.

There are also 28 photo galleries full of high-res images. These capture some of the best caning moments from the flicks and beautifully show off those red, swollen asses. The lines that the cane leaves behind are blatant and there’s no faking the pained look on the hot, punished chicks’ faces.

The gals are amateurs and have that chick-next-door look. Most of them wear a school uniform and have to lift their skirt and pull down their knickers in order to serve out their sentence. There are also a few disciplinarians and they each have their own style. Be sure to check out Miss Wood – she’s hot and won’t take any shit.

The site could still use some growth, so it’s great that they update twice a week. The quality of the material is solid and the action is pure spanking fun. Caned Schoolgirls is worth considering, especially since the price is reasonable

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3 Girls In Trouble.mp4
3 Girls Punished.mp4
A Bedroom Spanking.mp4
A Proper Thrashing.mp4
A Very Domestic Affair.mp4
Addicted To Self Abuse.mp4
Asked To Be Caned.mp4
Back To School.mp4
Bad Language.mp4
Bannister Thrashing.mp4
Bared And Caned.mp4
Bayswater Discipline.mp4
Black And Blue – Blackpen.mp4
Brats – American School.mp4
Bully Briggs.mp4
Cane School.mp4
Caned Schoolgirl Vol 1.mp4
Caning Action – Misc Models, Miss Thompson, Penelope Parker, Mr. Weathers.mp4
Clean Rooms.mp4
Clothes Thief, How Dare You.mp4
Community Service.mp4
Crawford Bare Bottom Detention.mp4
Creamy Pussy.mp4
Cruel Aunts.mp4
Damn Good Slipper.mp4
Discipline In The Work Place.mp4
Dishonest And Disgraceful.mp4
Dont Snigger.mp4
Dutiful Punishment.mp4
Elizabeth Meets And Spanks Lucy.mp4
Elizabeth Thrashed Hard.mp4
Erica Caned.mp4
Exam Day.mp4
Failed To Follow The Rules.mp4
Failing Grades.mp4
Foolish Girl.mp4
Giving Hints Lucy.mp4
Gym Cane.mp4
Gym Class Thrashings.mp4
Gym Filth.mp4
Harsh Methods.mp4
Home Schooling.mp4
Hot Cheeks – Ry16.mp4
Idle Actress.mp4
Induction Of Kayla.mp4
Interview With Elizabeth Simpson.mp4
Ivys Interview – Miss Barkers Way.mp4
Jasmine Hates Homework – Jasmine Lou.mp4
Just A Caning.mp4
Kayla's Spanking Session.mp4
Kissing Forbidden.mp4
Knickers Down Detention.mp4
La Ballerina.mp4
Lady Customer.mp4
Language Lessons.mp4
Lesbians Caught.mp4
Locker Thief.mp4
Lottie Interview.mp4
Make Thy Bed.mp4
Masturbators Will Be Punished.mp4
Medical Visit.mp4
Miss Bradley Knows Best.mp4
Miss Smith Strap.mp4
Naughty Elizabeth.mp4
No Fighting.mp4
No Pants.mp4
No Smoking.mp4
No Uniform.mp4
Password Not Working.mp4
Pixie Team Player.mp4
Pleasure And Pain.mp4
Polish Spanking.mp4
Pool Drenching.mp4
Pray For My Soul.mp4
Private Education.mp4
Protest Spanking.mp4
Read This.mp4
Rebellious Girls Punished.mp4
Reform School Discipline.mp4
Rosaleen Caning.mp4
Rubbish Detention.mp4
Saras Choice Part 2.mp4
School Bell.mp4
Schoolgirl Distress.mp4
Severe Discipline.mp4
Sg Discipline.mp4
Shameful Caned Bottom.mp4
Simpson Will Learn.mp4
Spanking Conversations.mp4
Spurred Into Action.mp4
Stable Caning.mp4
Stairwell Punishments.mp4
Stop My Abuse.mp4
Strap Slipper Or Cane.mp4
Swimming Lessons.mp4
Talk With Mrs Simpson.mp4
Teacher In Trouble.mp4
Teacher Out Of Control.mp4
Testing 12.mp4
The Beginning.mp4
The Book Collector.mp4
The Canemaker Vol 2.mp4
The Dunce.mp4
The Grass And The Rod.mp4
The Hairbrush.mp4
The Naughty Assistant.mp4
The Reading.mp4
The Snitch And The Trespasser.mp4
The Telephone Bill.mp4
The Thief Punished.mp4
The Tomboy.mp4
The Truant Girl.mp4
The Witness.mp4
Thieving Girls.mp4
Thrashed By Miss Smith.mp4
Thrashed Pa.mp4
Unfinished Homeword.mp4
Valkerie Hard Caning 2.mp4
Visit To Ms Woods Office.mp4
Visiting Mr. Windso, The Implements.mp4